Financial Peace of Mind at a Critical Time.

Do you know someone who survived cancer, a heart attack, or other critical illnesses? With nearly 3,000,000 critical illness cases being diagnosed each year, most families have experienced the financial hardship associated with the survival of a critical illness. Almost two-thirds of US bankruptcies result from medical expenses, and 78%* of those filing for bankruptcy had health insurance. To protect during this time of need, 5Star Life Insurance Company is pleased to offer Group Critical Illness Coverage as part of your employee/contractor benefits package. This Group Critical Illness Coverage has been designed to allow you an easy and affordable way to provide for your additional financial needs, so you can focus on getting well.

*Harvard Study: Bankruptcy 2009

Category One:

Cardiovascular Benefit Amounts
Heart attack - 100%

Major Organ Transplant - (Heart or combination transplant including heart) - 100%

Coronary Bypass Surgery - 25%

Angioplasty - 25%

Category Two:

Cancer Benefit Amounts
Invasive Cancer (Diagnosis more than 30 days after the effective date of coverage) - 100%

Invasive Cancer (Diagnosis during the first 30 days of in-force coverage) - 10%

Cancer in Situ (also called non-invasive) (Diagnosis more than 30 days after the effective date of coverage) - 25%

Cancer in Situ (also called non-invasive) (Diagnosis during the first 30 days of in-force coverage) - 2.5%

Category Three:

Additional Conditions
*Major Organ Transplant. (Not covered in Category One) - 100%

End-Stage Renal Failure - 100%

Advanced Alzheimer’s disease - 100%

Paralysis - 100%

Occupational HIV Infection - 100%

Guaranteed issue up to $20,000


  • Low age banded group rates can't be increased individually on a particular insured due to change in health/employment status, except on a group basis.

Critical Illness Triple Benefit

  • Cash payment upon the first occurrence of a covered illness. Receive up to three (3) times the face amount of your policy. No more than 100% will be paid in each category of critical illness.

Children Coverage

  • A $5,000 Children’s Benefit can be added to the employee/contractor’s policy for an additional premium.

Spouse Coverage

  • Spouse benefits are available for up to $2,500.

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