Real Benefits. Real Value.

With the ever-increasing cost of dental & vision care, our goal is simple: to make dental & vision care affordable for the uninsured and under-insured.

Lower your out-of-pocket costs on exams and procedures, as well as on glasses and dental devices.

Quality Care
You’ll get access to personalized care from doctors in one of the nation's largest networks. They’ll take time to get to know you and your unique dental & vision needs. Taking great care of yourself today will help detect and prevent serious health problems in the future such as gum disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

Nationwide Life Insurance Company underwrites this dental plan through the National Small Business Association (NSBA). NSBA utilizes the Maximum Care PPO Plus Connection Dental Network, which includes preferred provider networks such as Careington, Connection Dental, and DenteMax networks.

Nationwide Is On Your Side

We're all smiles at Merchants Benefit Admin (MBA) and Nationwide Insurance. These unique new dental plans will provide you with so many reasons to smile - including strength and reliability!

• Nationwide puts members first and protects what matters most

• Part of a robust and diverse portfolio of insurance and financial service products

• Fortune 100 company with a healthy and diverse portfolio of insurance and financial services

• Commitment to the health benefits industry for more than 70 years

National Small Business Assoc.

When enrolling in our dental plans, you automatically become a National Small Business Association (NSBA) member. The NSBA monthly membership fee is $3.00 and is included in your monthly billing. You can learn more about these non-insurance benefits and services by visiting

Additional Benefits of Each Plan

• 100% Coverage With No Waiting Period for Covered Services

• No Deductible

• Routine Exam (1 in 6 months)

• Bitewing X-rays (1 in 12 months)

• Cleaning (2 in 12 months)

• Fluoride for children under age 16 (1 in 12 months)

• 80% Coverage With No Waiting Period

• $50 annual deductible for basic and primary services (per person)

• Full Mouth/Panoramic X-rays (1 in 3 years)

• Sealants for Children Ages 6-16 (1 in 3 years)

• Restorative Amalgams

• Simple Extractions

• Space Maintainers (child under 16)

• 50% Coverage With a 12-Month Waiting Period**

• One Time Annual $50 Deductible Applies To Basic and Major Services Only

• Onlays

• Oral Surgery

• Implants (Benefits payable only for the replacement of those teeth extracted while the covered person was insured under this policy.)

• Crowns (1 per tooth, per 7 years)

• Crown Repair (Single Restorative Service)

• Endodontics (nonsurgical + surgical)

• Periodontics (nonsurgical + surgical)

• Denture Repair

• Dentures (1 appliance per 5 years)

• Bridge (1 per 7 years)

• Complex Extractions

• Local Anesthesia

**Replacing current dental coverage? NCD will either waive the 12-month waiting period or give you credit for prior PPO coverage. Must provide evidence of current PPO Coverage prior to coverage effective date.

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