Protecting your family and your financial security

Our Group Accident Insurance Plan provides cash benefits for medical treatment received for covered accidents, injuries, ambulance services, hospitalization, or accidental death. The plan pays regardless of what your primary insurance covers with no coordination of benefits. The benefit is paid directly to you to help cover unexpected out-of-pocket expenses while you recover – deductibles, co-pays, childcare, and other non-medical bills.

How the coverage works

What’s covered

  • Treatment: for an accident that results in broken bone(s) or dislocation as well as tendon and ligament damage, ruptured discs, burns, lacerations, and more. In the case of multiple injuries, only one benefit is paid.

    Ambulance: for ground ambulance service and emergency air transportation to a hospital or between medical facilities.

    Daily Hospital Confinement: for hospital room or ICU charges up to the benefit selected when the injury results from a covered accident.

Wellness matters

  • The plan has an annual wellness benefit payable to each covered individual when you complete one of the 23 covered tests. The $50 benefit is payable directly to you regardless of the expense incurred.

Family protection

  • Coverage for your spouse and children is available, so protecting the whole family is easy.

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