Realm Health is a National Healthcare Agency located in Dallas, Texas. Realm Health is NOT an insurance company.

1. No health questions.

2. No pre-existing condition waiting periods.

3. 8+ different health plan options

4. Some plans have a 3 year rate guarantee.

5. The majority of our health plans have a rate reduction in 2022.

6. Realm handles everything in-house from ID cards, member services, advocacy, billing and account management.

7. Realm Health has exclusive relationship with our insurance carriers.

Realm Health has agreements with the carriers that allow minimum contribution and participation.

Realm Health offers PPO's on most plans that can save healthcare spend by as much as 40% - 50%. Realm Health members may also seek care outside of the PPO Network with no penelties.

With Realm Health it's your choice. You don't have to pre-authorize with us first before seeking healthcare services.

Yes, all* Realm Health Plans are fully insured by A or A+ rated insurance carriers. Realm Health members premiums are fully secured and under the regulations of the State Departments of Insurance.

*Realm Health does offer level funded ERISA Plans.

1. Health plans starting at $143 a month.

2. Dental plan with annual maximum of $5,000 per person (Family of 5 gets $25,000 a month annual benefits)

3. VSP Vision Plan.

4. Guarantee issue term life of $100,000 face amount (rates never change until age 121).

5. Guaranteed issue critical illness up to $20,000.

6. 24/7 on and off the job accident plan.

7. CareGuide Advocates. CareGuide saved over $16 million in medical and Rx claims in 2020.

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